Witness history and mythology collide in Elegos, a first-person immersive RPG where every single action matters.

Currently in development by Perpetual Games, a small Indie studio based in the UK, Elegos is a moddable RPG where your choices matter. Set in an alternate history during the time of Alexander the Great, the world of Elegos is largely populated by intelligent mythological creatures, known as Mytha.

Inhabit a world where discrimination and inequality are rife, and navigate a complex world of divisive politics to uncover a blood-stained past. How you do this is entirely up to you…

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Elegos has been built with both player & modder in mind from day one. This player-first approach can be divided into the following three design pillars.

Narrative Focus

In Elegos, Narrative is the highest reward. We are crafting a story that we hope will resonate and be meaningful.

Actions Have Consequences

No matter your choices, Elegos is being designed to cope with them. Be warned though, your actions could have consequences, both good and bad.

Extensive Modding Support

Elegos has been designed from day one to be extensively moddable, with a suite of accessible mod tools to be provided to all of our players.

The Art of Elegos

Our artists have worked incredibly hard to develop and concept work that brings the world of Elegos to life.


Whether you are young and talented and looking to get a start in gaming or are an experienced veteran looking for a new challenge, if you can improve the team at Perpetual Games we want to hear from you.

At this moment, we don't have any positions open. Follow our socials to find out when posts become available.


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